Spending money on the things you love

When I was going through high school and college I had one thought the whole time…soccer. I had an extreme case of tunnel vision. I would play and think soccer everyday. The problem with that for me was that I put academics second, sometimes third. My week nights were spent watching and playing soccer and my weekends were busy traveling to different tournaments. Of course I had no time for my studies, right?

While playing soccer I would occasionally have a few small jobs with no real means to an end. At the time this alright because I was just trying to make a few extra dollars.



Every type of manual labour you can think of


And countless others

These jobs were good at the time but all I wanted to do was show up and make some money. I put nothing else into them. These jobs taught me some discipline but I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to continue to do.  As I was getting older I was figuring out my different hobbies and career choices. This was and is still an exciting time. It seemed that right when I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan I started to read, a lot. All through high school my mom would always tell me that reading was a whole new world. It was something that I should be doing everyday to keep me thinking and learning. Your mom is always right!

When I FINALLY started to realize that learning and educating myself was actually fun I started to do it more and more. I started to buy a variety of book and learning about my job. I used to always think to myself that good things will come to me. All in good time…that’s complete shit. You have to go out and do it yourself. If you live you life thinking that it was set in certain way and everything will come to you then you better not hold your breath.

Yes, it’s true. Things cost money. Sometimes things cost more than others. This is especially true with food. Healthier foods cost more money. I have told myself that food is another bill. It’s important to me so I try not to worry about the cost.

Here are a few things that I try to ignore the price tag with:





Clothing (sometimes)


The reason I listed those is because I have told myself this is what’s important to me. A financial advisor might tell me to be a little bit smarter with my money but how does she know when my time will run out? She doesn’t.

My purpose for writing this is to tell you that when you can recognize what’s important in your life. Spending money on those things becomes easier to do.

So go out there and spend your money. I guarantee you will feel better:)


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