Black & White, The White Stripes and Twlight

Yes. these three things all have something in common.

B&W used to be the only two colors for television. It used to be the only colors you could use to develop film. B&W are the two most used colors. These are very simple colors. They can bring out a feeling in a painting. They can make a shadow pop out in a photograph like you have never seen. B&W can be an emotion. I recently went to the Art institute of Chicago. I’ve lived here for two years and this was my first time going. Long overdue. I was in the presence of some great artwork.I have always enjoyed looking at any artwork done in B&W. Most of my own stuff is in B&W. That was never a goal of mine but I always seemed to print out my photos in B&W. Then one day it clicked. I liked it because of the simplicity. Two colors, simple.

The White Stripes. Two people, two instruments. This Duo grew up in Detroit in a place where it was very uncool to play guitar and rock music. Jack White grew up listening to Son House and Bob Dylan. Two very simple people that spoke about everyday things. Like the White Stripes, they both did the simple things right. Thats why Jack enjoyed them so much. Son House and Dylan both wanted to play music and enjoy it. The white stripes are driven by simplicity. They use old recording equipment. They limit there songs between 2-4 minutes. Jack continues to use the same plastic guitar he got in 1998.

Twlight has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past three years. It has broken all sort of records and changed the lives of the people involved. All the actors careers have skyrocketed and the author Stephanie Meyer is being praised all over the planet. In a way the books have a very simple concept. It’s a love story involving vampires. The reason everyone we can all relate to this story is because we love or want to be loved. No matter who you are. If your the coolest jock at your high school you still need love. If your the star quarterback at Florida you have experienced love. Everyone can relate to these books. They aren’t a teen series, they are a series for people who enjoy a good story and like to be entertained.

Alright then, what the point of the past 409 words that you just read? Simplicity. Thats all.

Bring back the simple things in your life. Read a book. Cook your own food. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Go on a vacation with no TV. Yeah, I know it’s tough but you can do it!

We make our lives way to complex and difficult. I promise your company will survive if you take a few vacation days. Facebook will still be there if you don’t check it for a few days. And people can sweat it out if you don’t respond to their emails. I promise.

Good luck with your new way of simple living.

Here is a great book to get you started: The Art of Happiness


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