Are you Immortal?

“we have to be the best we can, this is our sacred human responsibility” – Albert Einstein

You are going to die someday. That is a fact that I’m willing to be my next paycheck on. Reminding myself that death is going to happen has made me live a more fulfilling life. What do you have to lose when you know your going to die? This can really help when trying to live the best life you can. What do you have to lose?

There are many things that are replaceable. Money, clothes, toys, books, gadgets….on and on and on. But there is one thing you can never get back. TIME

You will never get tomorrow back. This is also a fact. Tomorrow is gone today. Death is something that we all share. It’s something that will happen to everyone and everything. Being afraid of it can lead you to live a horrible life. Understanding that it will happen can open your eyes and give you the confidence experience the world. Why not make the most out of your life now? Today.

Book Recommendation: Inside Steves Brain. This is a great book. It’s about Steve Jobs and how he runs Apple. Steve has been though a near death situation. He is someone who opened my eyes about taking advantage of life and doing the best you can. Also…we can all relate to it because we’ve the ones that made his company on of the biggest in the world.:)


One response to “Are you Immortal?

  1. yep! everything you said!

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