Don’t feed the Pigeons

I’m not sure how many of you have had the experience of trying to give some food to birds, but it can be a bit overwhelming. I know that sounds weird but let me explain. When you throw some food down for one pigeon there are about twenty others watching. Once they see you feed their friend, they pounce. then your trying to feed all the pigeons. Now their trying to peck you and figured out how to fly up and get the food. Now your in for it….You continue to throw some food down you realize you have created an uprising. There are now forty pigeons stalking you and your out of food. Uh-oh. Some birds may be satisfied but others may want more. The ones that want more will almost attack. Yes, it’s true. I was scared when this happened.

What’s the point of this dumb ass story?

Answer: Don’t try to please everyone.

When you try to please everyone. Not much gets accomplished. You will never be able to put your time and effort into it. Weather it’s in your job or personal life. There are times why saying no benefits you and the other person. When you start feeling obligated with the tasks your doing, they never get done right. When there not done right the person your doing the task for doesn’t benefit either. It can be easy to tell someone that you will do something for them. When the time comes and you realize you have no desire to do it your screwed. Instead, tell the person upfront that your sorry but at the time you won’t be able to accomplish the task because you have some other things your working on or don’t have time. Don’t make things so complicated. Do what you want.

Book recommendation: The Secret History


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