Myths and Thuths about Metabolism

These facts are courtisy of Dr. Schwarzbein.  I hope you enjoy!

Myth: Weight (body composition) is related to caloric imput versus caloric output.

Truth: Calories do not determine your body composition; your hormones do. This is because your hormones determine your current metabolism. Restricting your calories to lose weight leads to a low-insulin effect that will eventually destroy your metabolism. Do not make the mistake of counting calories. Eat balanced meals to keep your hormones balanced and your metabolism working efficiently.

Myth:  Eating fat makes you fat because there are nine calories in a gram of fat.

Truth:  Not all fats are fattening. Healthy fats are used as the material to rebuild cells and certain hormones. Therefore, when you eat healthy fats and make functional and structural fats from them, you do not store them as fat. Also, since fats are more satiating than carbohydrates, it is harder to overeat them because your body regulates their intake.

Myth:  If you are losing weight, you must be doing something right.

Truth: Not all weight loss is healthy. Just because you are losing weight does not mean that you are doing something that is good for you. If you are on a diet and losing weight too quickly, you are losing your functional and structural biochemicals as well as storage fat. The loss of these biochemicals will destroy your metabolism. You need to be healthy first to lose your fat weight, not lose weight to become healthy.

Myth:  Fat-free foods help you lose fat.

Truth:  Fat-free foods may make your fatter. Mos fat-free foods are filled with extra sugar to make them taste better, and eating excess sugar makes your body store fat. Read the labels and stay away from processed fat-free foods.

Myth:  Once your metabolism is destroyed you can never repair it.

Truth:  It is never too late to heal your metabolism.

Book RecommendationThe Schwarzbein Principle  and  The Schwarzbein Principle 2


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