I think I have an odd way of thinking about this world cup. I always want to see the U.S do well but I have a hard time routing for a team that I’m not totally pround of. Let me explain.

The U.S has gotten better over the years but so has every other national team. I think in a few places we are developing the young kids in the correct way. But in others we are just going through the motions. We have our soccer systems to structured. When you have a 6 year old playing a 6 year old are either one of them getting better? When you have a 15 year old playing against a 15 year old are either one of them getting better? When you have a 9 year old playing against a 13 year old is the 9 year old getting better? Yes.

In Malcolm Gladwells book Outliers he talks about the 10,000 hour rule. Meaning if you spend 10,000 practicing or doing anything you will get better. Not true. If I’m trianing over the summer for my upcoming season and I run 5 miles everyday and do sprints will I get better? No. There is never one time in a soccer game when your running at a gingerly pace for 5 miles. Lets say we want to keep that 10,00o hour rule in mind. Lets at least do some effective training. Many coaches will put so much emphasis on the cardio training of a soccer player.  Here’s why. He or she doesnt know how to teach a player something. Or isnt educated himself.  So what’s the easiest thing to do? Make the team run, right???

Figure out why your players arent doing well. Figure out what their weakness is. If you don’t know the why’s of a lot of coaching then get a new job.

But back to why Spain are the greatest. No one plays like them. I would say if you enjoy watching soccer and can appreciate how the game is played then they are the team to watch. If you ever notice when watching them they make it look easy. That means they are good. Also, as a fan. You are alwasy entertained. If you want to see bruit, physical play just watch American football.

Enjoy the next month.


4 responses to “Spain…

  1. Jon Blankenship

    Good post! There is something wrong with American soccer – – continuing to rely on Landon when he hasn’t proven himself the go-to guy!!! So frustrating. Looking forward to the cup, this is the best event in the world!

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