Since the recent BP disaster you may have been asking how I can help out…well, heres your chance.  My good friend Kris is gettting together as many supplies, people, money and energy it takes to make this better.

As you all know the coast is being destroyed and it continues to get worse every day and, it needs to stop!  Now, I am no savior, but I am going to get involved and help sort this mess out.  In the next week, and for as long as it takes, I will be donating myself to the cause.  If you can help in any way that would be great; sending over anything you can would do wonders for the people and environmental wonders at risk.  I plan to get the donations amassed down there myself in one bulk drop, so please send anything you can to:
9308 University City Blvd
Apt 5
Charlotte, NC 28213

Email –

If you can’t get any money, water, non-perishable food, clean-up supplies, etc. out in the mail over the next few days, please do tell me what you planned to provide and I will do it for you and, graciously await the reimbursement.  Also, if you’d like to join and come down with us, do let me know!  Furthermore, if you know someone who would like to donate, inform them that they can contact me to make a donation or possibly catch a ride!!

You can also go to: For more information.
Thanks in advance!

Yours Truly,
Kristopher A. Steele


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