Hunted, Gathered, fished, plucked

Having trouble trying to figure out what to eat? Trying to make this your year to get into the health kick?

Try not to think to hard about it. Think basic. This is what I think should be on the United States flag in small letter at the bottom. “Bigger and Better”. That seems to be the way we live our lives and the way companies run. unfortunately it’s the way we think about food. Maybe add in the word “easy”.

Jonny Bowden is a Nutrition nut. Far and above the best out there. One of his signature sayings is “Hunted, Gathered, fished and plucked”. Think of these words when deciding what to eat. Something with a bar code usually won’t get you very far.

So the next time you go to the grocery ask yourself, in prehistoric time what could they hunt? What were they gathering to eat? What were they fishing for? and on land what could they pluck and eat? This is great way of thinking when it comes to food. This shouldn’t be some “diet”you try. This should be a lifestyle.

Book Recommendation – The 150 Healthiest foods on Earth


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