Can success be unsuccessful?

Recently I was speaking with a fellow colleague of mine about his 23 year old son. His son is an engineer for a top company in the world. I guess you could say the son has had a pretty “great” life.  He grew up in a loving home, went to a fantastic college in California, got the job he wanted. He makes a lot of money and does what he majored in. This all seems like a parents dream come true for their recent college grad. Everyone is happy and smiling…

But outside of work he is glued to his computer, playing games, playing games and playing games. He comes home from being on the computer all day to being on the computer all night. He stays up until 2am playing a variety of video and computer games. He takes part in zero physical activity. He is never outside and never hangs out with friends.

So lets take a few step back. What’s the point of college? Are you there to learn about the best career choice you can make? Are you there to learn how to make it in the real world? Are you there to give yourself the best choices in life?  This is a very touchy subject. Is it okay for my colleagues son to only have a “good” job and that’s it? Has the son done what he’s been asked of him during school? Is this what life is about. Finding the best job and assuming other things will happen in your life?

Sorry, there are a lot of questions here but most are hard to answer. Some may not even be able to be answered.  My colleagues father is very frustrated with his sons situation (the son is lost in his own world). Could this be the parents fault? Is the father mad at the son at the expense of the father being the one to blame? Once again, a lot of questions but ones that we have a hard time answering.

In school and growing up the word success is drilled into our heads. Do we put too much emphasis on getting a good job? A job is a job. What about what you do outside of work? Does that matter?

Success is hard to define. Try it for a second. Is it one of those words that needs to have a concrete definition or is it your own definition?


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