First of all, I feel like I’m becoming one of these people spilling their feelings out on a computer screen then saying look at me! I’m cool. More importantly, I like to bring up things that we can all share and hopefully learn from. If I ever start talking about how black is the new white just send me hate mail.

I’ve tried to start this blog multiple times. I’ve always had things “get in the way” which by the way is a fake saying. You choose what you do so that means I was just making excuses. Anyway, I love learning and reading about influential people. I’ve had multiple life changing experiences by seeing what others can do and the voice they have when they put themselves on the line. One of the main reasons I’ve had a hard time staying consistent with this is my feelings are spit across a screen for everyone to read. These days you can share everything with the world. So I was concerned with what other people though……There, that feels better. So let’s get to the point of this article.

What’s the worst that can happen? This should be our new motto. The last 10 years there’s been a lot written about failing in a positive way. What they’re saying is try new things, don’t be afraid, stick your neck out there. This is all very true. We’ve  become very comfortable with comfort. Does that make sense?…… Just getting by seems to be good for us recently. What if we always thought, what’s the worst that could happen? What if we thought that way with everything we did? Trying to find a  partner, getting a promotion, giving your two cents in a conversation, pushing yourself in the weight room.

Personally, I’m tired of putting everything off. I work with too many people who have told me “I wish I was younger, I would do things differently”. So, I’m going to keep writing this. I hope that anyone who glances at this leaves feeling like they can take a tiny step toward their next goal.

Here are a few of the things I want to achieve and finish that I’ve been putting off:

– I’ve written a small 90 page book. It’s in my computer but I do nothing with it. My goal is to finish it and make a free ebook out of it by November 1st.

– My wife and I have started a small Photography company, Ciccarelli Photography. We got rid of our old site and still havent decided what to use for our next host site. I have no idea why I havent gotten that up and running.  Website up and ready by September 12th.

– My goal has always been to get below 10% bodyfat. I always hover around 12 and 13. Only using BioSignature to measure my results. Not a hand-held tool that tells me some obscene number. My goal is to be 10% by December 1st.

– I would like to double my income. This one is the hardest to type. I don’t know why. I’m a nice person, not greedy. Money doesn’t rule my life at all. But the things I want to do and see require me to have more of it. Therefore its one of my goals. I want to double it by my birthday next year, June 28th.

I would love for Lifesavi to be a place where ideas are shared. Please let me know what you think. Send me a message if you have any ideas, anything at all. Things that are on your mind, what you want.


Thanks for reading.


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