Getting away

More, more, more. That’s what most things are about these days. Stores, food, technology. Bigger and better. As a country we’re always trying to take then next step forward. The newest this, newest that. No matter what the occasion, we look towards the future. The newest fitness craze (don’t even get me started on this one).

What about taking a step back?

Most of the time things can be done with less time and clutter then we’re used too. For example. This past weekend was my first time camping. (Great experience)! Tent, food/drinks in cooler, sleeping bags, clothes. Done. And what do you know….I’m alive! I made it. We were hiking, going to the beach, taking photos, eating, drinking, playing games, talking. All things that were extremely enjoyable without the clutter. It was hard for my wife and I to drive the 3 hours to our home up north. Not because we don’t like what we’re doing, we love it! Not because we had to do a bunch of chores when we got home, grocery shopping is fun to me. But because we were carefree for four days. We experienced a whole new life. A life worth living without dealing with the BS that goes on.

So get out, enjoy, take risks, spend money. You can always get it back. You can never get back time.


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