The Better Abdominal Approach – Part 1

Abdominal training has created a beast within the fitness industry. What I mean is there are countless movements that we do to give us that six pack look and feel. Well, the question we should be asking is all the core work working? 

For the general population, core work is done to give you a more defined look where your abdominal are. Similar to any other body part, you don’t just isolate it and hope that fat falls off. Thats’ called spot training for fat loss, and it’s a dirty myth. An example would be hoping to get you triceps leaner and only doing pressdowns and dips. Those and two great movements but neither one strictly makes the fat around your triceps fall off. Watching you food intake, stress and essentially controlling what you do on a daily basis will help.  Whether it’s the beauty products you use or the city you live it, it all affects triceps fatness. But we’re getting off track. 

The abdominal muscles are in the center of the human body. When you do large movement like pull-ups, squats, deadlifts etc. they’re helping you get up and down. Treating them like any other muscle is a great way of thinking when trying to get a stronger midsection. When you extend a muscle with a load added to it, it gets stronger. It’s the same with your abdominal muscles. You don’t do biceps curls with know weight. It’s the same with your core. If you’re doing a movement, adding weigh can make a big difference. 

Lets look at some isolated core movements and compound movements that you can switch up do get a more effective workout:

– Instead of a crunch on the ground. Add a dumbbell in your hands and lower yourself from the top crunched position with the weight over your head. Crunch down at an 8 second pace. Two main things are happening, you’ve added an extra load and you’ve slowed down the movement to force you stomach to do the work instead of your momentum. 

– Russian twist with a bar or med ball. Your stomach crunches and rotates. Add weight while doing those two movements and your stomach will get strong. 

– The greatest way to build abdominal strength is by doing compound movements. To do these movements your core is activated. When you add the proper range of motion it’s activated even more. Similar to any other body part. 

-Squats, Deadlifting, Olympic movements, Pressing, Pull-ups, Sprinting, Strongman training and countless other compound movements. These are all forms of great core movements. You usually don’t think so because you arent in a crunching position. So you don’t always feel your abdominals working. Trust me, they are. Remember, treat you core like any other muscle, add weight to it and it will get stronger. 

Now, as for that fat around your midsection that you can’t get rid of….that’s in post #2 of The Better Abdominal approach part 2 coming next Tuesday. 


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